About Us

Serve customers in the best way possible and to give them a better experience of their beloved brands

An enduring love for sports and fitness resulted in Aditya Bafna establishing Element Retail Pvt Ltd in 2013, with Varun Bagadiya by his side. Their combined efforts have brought about exclusive outlets of brands such as Apple, Asics, Speedo, Jockey and Giant in India. These young and vibrant entrepreneurs are the first franchise players to introduce Asics shoes in Mumbai and over the years, have earned a reputation for being the top-most retailers for branded swimwear in the city.

Aditya Bafna and Varun Bagadiya have not only developed Element Retail into a successful sports oriented franchise model, but have also been first movers in setting up India’s first-ever experience centre for Giant bicycles; along with launching authorised Apple Store in Nashik, besides operating a Jockey store in Pune. Together, they deliver the best experience for customers, who love the brands as much as they do.